Be Here. Be You. Belong.

Combining mural artwork and playground design into one brightly coloured package for Croftfoot Primary School in Glasgow South.

The design was to revolve around open-ended creative possibilities using colour and form as the main driving forces. Two areas of work were selected : at the front of the school, a bold welcome message; at the rear, a zoned playground area. Project completed alongside The City of Play and a handful of enthusiastic volunteers.


Graphic Design

Landscape Architecture


Mural Art

Painting the main entrance. All was going well until it started raining.

Painting the rear playground with our wonderful volunteers.

Finishing up. Grant was standing on his car to try and get a good picture.

Inspired by 'loose parts play', the composition of the welcome message to the front of the school was made up of collaged block shapes placed around and behind the main text slogan (which changed halfway through the project - originally it read "Dare To Do Right").

The design of the rear playground aims to visually reduce the scale of a large playground to one that is more relatable to a young child. We overlaid yellow lines and grids with block shapes and pops of colour - the rest is simply up to the pupils' imagination. 

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