Let Them Eat Fat Cakes.

Hacking the home to make play part of everyday.

Playhouse Competition was an initiative set up by Manchester design studios Playground, Ben Clark Design and Barney Ibbotson Illustration. During the (first) UK lockdown of 2020, the competition aimed to showcase a selection of works based around a simple brief : To design something that will enable people to play at home during lockdown.

Naturally, we took it and ran with it.


Graphic Design





"This is the story of Nature in a time of Coronavirus (on Mars, apparently). A time of being stuck at home, of mass unproductivity, and of a forced disconnect with our surrounding environment on which we depend for both our mental and physical well-being. We are all Ed the Alien, glued to our desks, staring longingly at an outside world which seems increasingly unfamiliar as the weeks pass. 

But it doesn’t have to stay this way. The birds are still chirping, so get up and join them! This is Velcro Ball and Catch but with one tasty twist – Velcro Fat Cakes.  Boost productivity and destroy boredom, all while helping our winged friends out with a delicious meal. Once the fat cakes make contact with the hanging catch pads, you have yourself an instant bird feeder! A healthy environment is essential for all, and we should aim to keep it that way.


No birds were harmed during the conception of this design."