"Oh, is that basically 


This is probably the question I get asked the most when I tell someone I have a degree in Landscape Architecture. Other top contenders for this title include :


“You must love trees then?”


And my personal favourite,


“So, could you design my garden?”

good to know

Words : Sara Shu

Illustration : Sara Shu


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For the entirety of my university education (and still to this day), I would cop out by telling people I was studying Architecture to avoid having to explain what Landscape Architecture is to someone who would ultimately go away thinking I was studying ‘basically Architecture’ anyway.


But enough is enough. Landscape Architecture is awesome and let me tell you why. I am in no way, shape or form an ‘official’ Landscape Architect (very far from it, in fact) however I can shed a little light on my own perspective of the industry and all of the incredible potential it holds.

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If you Googled it, you would find out that Landscape Architecture is the design of any and all outdoor spaces - a definition that barely scratches the surface of what it has to offer. 

For me, Landscape Architecture is ultimately centred around two things : people and places. It’s about bringing people together, about connecting people to the places they call their own, and about the relationships which exist between both. Landscape Architecture is inherently unpredictable, collaborative, exploratory – essentially, it’s everything I could ever want in a profession! A few things I have done in the name of Landscape Architecture :


  • Canoed down a river, through the estuary and out onto the open sea (high risk of drowning)


  • Sketched while perching on the precipice of an open cliff-face during a field trip


  • Performed a dramatic theatrical rendition of the history of a site, complete with flooding and fire


  • Created a hanging installation with over 300 buttons, 57 train tickets and 2 big branches I found in the Meadows in Edinburgh


  • Graduated in the middle of a global pandemic (big up the Class of 2020!)

With Landscape Architecture, the possibilities are endless. Recognition of the importance of collaboration between disciplines is ever increasing, and the landscape word is getting around.


So, the next time you meet a Landscape Architect, I trust that you’ll leave knowing that they are indeed a Landscape Architect.

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